Transport and traffic – workplaces as mobile as we are!

Bardusch offers fitting professional clothes and personal protective gear true to the norms for each workplace – for rail, road or workshop! 

Corporate Fashion 

A harmonized well-groomed appearance signals competence, customer focus, and reliable service. Modern professional clothes, aligned in design and colour scheme to your company. This warrants high awareness levels in public. Motivated employees thanks to Corporate Fashion. For more information on our professional clothes...

Warn clothes

Weather protection and warn clothes for the safety of your employees on the road or on the track. The warning protection norm EN 471 has to be warranted at all times. Through professional care and regular inspections of warn clothes bardusch fulfils the legal Standards. Thanks to our rental service you don’t have to worry about the upkeep and inspection of your warn clothes.

Personal protective gear (PPG)

Perfectly geared for safety. Further to professsional clothes we offer personal protective gear (PPG) for optimum industrial safety in everyday work. Many articles are available in our PPG-Shop.

Full service

You won’t have to worry about professional clothes anymore. We provide you with professional clothes and personal protective gear. We repair and replace professional clothes if needed and warrant compliance with norms. Full service means service all round, upon request as far as into your employee’s lockers. bardusch unburdens you of the procurement and your employees of the laundry.
For more information on bardusch rental service...

Professional clothes for the transport and traffic:

Professional clothes
Welding shields
Warning protection
Weather protection

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