Chemistry and industry – The chemistry is right with us

Bardusch gladly provides you with fashionable professional clothes, protective clothing for safe work in heat and flames, antistatic clothing and PSA for your operations. 

Professional clothes and protective clothing for your industry

Our collections are specially designed for all works in your industry. Professional clothes or certified protective clothing for instance according to the norm EN 13034 type 6, bardusch knows your service requirements and offers you a great selection of professional clothes...

Rental service warrants compliance with norms

Our carefree-all-round service package warrants that the protective clothing you use always fulfils the latest norm. Our full service also includes the financing and procurement of professional clothes. We regularly pick up worn work clothes from your site, wash and treat them, and return them – flawlessly and true to the norm. For more information on our Full service...

Bardusch. The experienced expert

All over the world we service 90,000 customers with professional clothes, including many companies from your industry. 


Professional clothes for the chemistry and industry:

Professional clothes
Chemical protection
Weather protection
Multi functional

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