Geriatric and nursing homes - for the well-being of the people in your trust

Fresh and clean laundry essentially contributes to the wellbeing of the residents of geriatric and nursing homes. bardusch offers you customized cost-focussed textile management for Geriatric and nursing homes and you can concentrate on nursing. 

Rental textiles for the ward

Bardusch offers full textile equipment for geriatric and nursing home.

Functional textiles that can be customized in quality, design, and material to the ambience of your house.

Bed covers, towels, table clothes, covers and mouth napkins and the entire textile needs of your kitchen can be integrated into the bardusch service package. Reasonable services unburden your administration and nursing staff visibly. This means more time for sensitive nursing.

Personal laundry service for your residents

People are as individual and different as the clothes they wear.

Bardusch helps maintain this individuality with the personal laundry service. Your residents can keep their own personal bed covers. Each piece will be labelled with a barcode for unambiguous reference.

Worn laundry doesn’t have to be sorted. You can just throw it in to a laundry sack. bardusch picks up the sacks and sorts the washing, washes, grooms and irons it according to requirements. The fresh washing will be sorted and folded and returned. You define the place of delivery centrally or decentrally. If you want we can deliver to the doors of your resident’s rooms. Perfect service – easy and simple.  

Professional clothes and office wear

Bardusch offers professional clothes especially for nursing and medical professions.

Design and material selection for rental professional clothes is perfectly aligned to the special requirements. Different models in different designs make your employees look good and feel well in the clothes. Individual and tailored according to your wishes - professional clothes with logos, patches or name tags. 

With "Office Wear" bardusch offers perfect clothing for reception and office. Professional clothes that enhances your positive image.
Pants, skirts, blouses and shirts, short or long sleeves in different designs and colours – You will find attractive clothing with excellent comfort. Professional clothes your employees will love to wear.

The barcode makes sure your professional clothes will always be returned to its wearer after professional bardusch laundry and care. If you want we deliver into the lockers.


The bardusch textile service informs you about the current consumption and trends of use. You can define each article group separately and compare them by cost centres in certain intervals. bardusch delivers detailed statistics for your economic analyses.

Solutions tailored for the geriatric and nursing homes:

Tunics to slip
Fleece jackets

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