Clinics - highest protection is our responsibility

Clinics have to spend a lot of time on textile management. bardusch textile management warrants full service with absolute cost transparency. Our nation-wide presence secures permanent supply with all service products.

Rental textiles for wards

The laundry range is chosen according to function, for instance for intensive care units, inpatient wards, maternity wards, bed centres and functional units aligned to each ward and discipline. Each cost centre orders the laundry range they need. We use quality control to warrant compliance with all hygiene guidelines. With our laundry collect-and-sort system we provide you with the latest technical organization tools.

Professional clothes and hygiene clothes

Professional clothes for doctors and nursing staff should not only look good, it also should have the highest comfort of wear.

A barcode warrants that each person receives his or her clothes back after washing.
Alternatively to personal clothing we also offer standard models for all nursing and functional areas. This universally applicable collection can be organised ideally through electronic clothes dispensers. This closed circuit system for organization fully automatically delivers professional clothes to the employees.

Sterile OP textiles

Maximum safety is the top priority in the OP-zones. Zero germ counts and sterility according to MPG are a matter of fact. After each wash cycle OP-coat sets and OP-patient cover sets will be inspected, de-pilled, taped, folded according to functions, and commissioned to sets. Controlled and documented sterilization of the sets takes place in the bardusch Sterile Centre. Learn more about our OP-textiles...

Anti thrombosis socks

Socks for thrombosis prophylaxis can save lives. Correct treatment of this medical product requires expertise. We warrant safety and hygiene. bardusch processes your socks for thrombosis prophylaxis according to validated washing system certified by the manufacturer of the socks.


With effective analysis of your demand bardusch warrants an efficient tool for reducing your laundry costs. All costs are applied to case rates and calculatory days. There will be no dubious general cost blocks. The different medical disciplines can be assigned to cost centres precisely. Concealed items such as personnel services, procurement and logistic costs as well as financing costs shall be considered. A fast and thorough overview of distribution of your laundry costs is warranted.

Solutions tailored for the clinics:


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