Retail sales - service good to look at

The harmonized and friendly appearance of your employees is important to you. We offer professional clothes especially for your demands in the counter and service areas. A look that matches your company plus undefeatable services.  


Good taste shows in good professional clothes.

Our professional clothes especially for food retail sales fulfil highest requirements with regards to look, wearing characteristics and endurance. Our wide product range of professional clothes offers many possible combinations and variations and colour schemes to adjust to your Corporate Design. Go to bardusch professional clothes...


Service in the carefree full service package

Bardusch manages the entire procurement and financing of professional clothesNo more worries for you: we provide you regularly with professional clothes – always freshly laundered and groomed. You remain flexible and don’t tie up extra capital! For more information on our carefree full-service package of professional clothes…


Logo and name tag service

Our logo and name tag service increases the image effect of your professional clothes. We apply your logo or the names of your employees on the work clothe. This turns professional clothes into a corporate identity media for increased public awareness for your company. For more information on our name tag service...

Professional clothes for the food retail sales: