Sanitary Heating Air Conditioning Professionals at work - locally

Every day you take care of the needs of your customers. A perfectly dresses and motivated team is the best advertising media for your company. 

Professional clothes for Sanitary, Heating and Air Conditioning

We offer you a wide selection of functional and fashionable professional clothes especially for your demands. 
Our work clothes is functional and fashionable. Thanks to the variety of colours you will find the matching professional clothes for your operations.

Rental service = Full service

Bardusch manages the complete procurement and financing of your professional clothes. No need to worry – you will receive your professional clothes regularly from us – always freshly washed and groomed, directly into your operations. You are flexible and don’t tie up extra capital.  For more information on our carefree full-service package for professional clothes...

CI through name tag service

A neat appearance is important in your industry. Your employees represent your operations. An unmistakable tag is motivating and fortifies the team spirit. Use our name tag service for professional clothes. Learn more about our Logo-Service...


Solutions tailored for your industry:

Collar jacket