Painters, plasters, coaters and stucco - makers

Good advertising starts with your employees. A perfectly clothed team is the best advertising tool. bardusch creates a positive appearance for you!

Professional clothes up to the task

Especially for painters, plasterers, coaters or stucco-makers we offer matching professional clothes. We are acquainted with your demands. Take a look at our wide product range of matching professional clothes...

Carefree full-service package for your industry

Day after day you have to worry about a lot of things. We are here to support you! Carefree full-service package for professional clothes: we provide you regularly with work clothes – freshly washed and groomed! You are flexible and don’t have to tie up extra capital. Learn more about our rental service for professional clothes...

Logo service

Supplemented with your corporate logo and a name tag your professional clothes turn into effective image media. A professional appearance at your customers creates high awareness for your company. Learn more about our logo service for professional clothes...


Solutions tailored for your industry:

Professional clothes
Fleece jackets