Iron and metal - fire and flame for your safety!

We have the matching professional and protective clothing for all your demands and risks. Our rental service warrants compliance with norms.

Professional clothes and protective clothing from one source

Bardusch offers a wide range of professional clothes especially for the iron and metal industry. Whether you need multifunctional protective clothing or special protective clothing such as welders’ protection (EN 4701 and EN 531), machine protection (EN 510) and special chemical protection clothes (EN 13034, type 6) - you will find a large selection of professional clothes and protective clothing for all your demands.

Norm control in rental service 

We support you with our full service from one source and we guarantee your protective clothing always meets the latest norms. Our rental service also includes financing and procurement of professional clothes. We regularly pick-up the used work clothes from your site, wash and treat them, and return them – flawlessly and true to the norm. You won’t have to worry about professional clothes! For more information on our Full service...

Name tag and logo service 

Supplemented with your corporate logo and a name tag your professional clothes turn into effective image media. Learn more about…

Solutions tailored for iron and metal:

Professional clothes
Flame protection
Machine protection
Multi functional
Welding shields