Bakeries and pastry shops - professional clothes for body and mind

Professional clothes especially for bakeries and pastry shops – we are acquainted with your demands and hygiene conditions. 

Professional clothes for bakeries and pastry shops

Our professional clothes for bakeries and pastry shops fulfil highest requirements of look, wearing physiology and endurance. The wide product range offers many different models. 

Logo service

The bardusch name tag service enhances the image effect of your professional clothes. We apply your logo to the work clothes in the style you want – on embroidered tags, as a patch emblem or by decorative stitching. Your customers will recognize you!

Full service from the hands of expert

Further to providing the perfect professional clothes we offer our carefree-full service package. Your employees will always have clean and well-groomed clothes. You don’t have to worry about professional clothes and you can concentrate fully on your customers. Our cleaners are certified according to RAL to provide hygienic professional clothes for the food sector.

Solutions tailored for the bakeries and pastry shops:

Bib aprons