The locker system

Lockers provide efficient logistics down to each user. Each of your employees receives his or her personal professional and protective clothing in time and on the spot, absolutely independent of opening hours of a clothes dispense counter. 

The personal locker

Each bardusch locker has room for fresh professional clothes for your employees. The number of lockers is aligned to your needs. Each employee gets his own cabinet in the locker. The access is individually limited to a defined user, and secured with a lock. Mistakes and uncontrolled losses are excluded.

Returning worn professional clothes 

Returning worn textiles is very easy. We provide special throw-in cabinets at your disposal. You don’t have to pre-sort the laundry by degree of dirt. We sort your worn laundry for you. 

Define the service level as you please

You can decide the level up to which we take over the distribution of the fresh professional clothes in the lockers.

You can choose from three service levels: 

Level 1: Delivery 

Central delivery of all clean clothes to one spot. Professional clothes will be sorted and distributed by your own employees. 

Level 2: Delivery and pre-sorting 

Pre-sorting of all clean sets in the order of the lockers. Your employees will put the clothes into the lockers. 

Level 3: Full service

Bardusch service employees take over the distribution of all articles of clothing’s into the lockers, adjusted to the intervals of use in your operations. A bardusch employee will open the entire front of the lockers with a special key. Then he can distribute all articles of clothing quickly and smoothly in one go.  

Locker models

Following locker models and matching throw-in cabinets are available:

·  Laundry replacement cabinet blue, 5 lockers, outside dimensions 45,0 x 182,0 x 38,0 cm (D/H/W), locker height: 32,2 cm 

    ·  Laundry replacement cabinet blue, 10 lockers, outside dimensions 45,0 x 182,0 x 38,0 cm (D/H/W), locker height: 15,6 cm 

    ·  Laundry replacement cabinet (2-fach) blue for business-clothing, 1 shelf, 1 rod, outside dimensions 55,1 x 177,5 x 76,2 cm (D/H/W), locker height: 25,0 cm 

    ·  Laundry replacement cabinet gray, 9 Lockers Outside dimensions 40,6 x 205,1 x 61,0 cm (D/H/W), Locker height: 20,0 cm 

    ·  Laundry disposal cabinet blue, outside dimensions 45,0 x 182,0 x 38,0 cm (D/H/W), flap height: 15,0 cm 

    ·   Laundry disposal cabinet grey, outside dimensions 40,6 x 205,1 x 61,0 cm (D/H/W), flap height: 27,4 cm throw-in roll container, outside dimensions 80,0 x 186,0 x 70,0 (D/H/W), flap height: 35,0 cm

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