Cleaning cloths and floor sweepers

Bardusch warrants that dirty cleaning cloths and floor sweepers are picked-up as agreed and replaced by fresh ones. Doing without disposables is very friendly to the environment. It saves resources and it is and economic. The free-of-charge replacement of uncouth cleaning cloths and 
floor sweepers is another economic benefit for you. 

Dust and floor sweepers

The multiway floor sweepers are easy to take off the hook by a foot lever, and they can be disposed without having to use one’s hands. Floor sweepers are the perfect supplement to the Bardusch floor mats

Cleaning cloths

The red oil expert: 

Removes oils, fats and lubricants. Especially suited for the automotive segment. The special open-pore fabric immediately takes up organic dirt and transports it to the core of the fabric. The cloth cleans very efficiently and is highly absorbent. 

The blue all-round talent:

This cleaning cloth is perfect for industrial and craft workshops for professional cleaning of machines and systems, in particular against contamination with metal chips, oils and fats. The fabric is very hard-wearing and pleasant to handle. 

The green expert for colours:

Perfect for use in the printing industry, efficient against strong contamination with printing ink, solvents and printing black. The fabric is very absorbent and safely locks the dirt in the core of the fabric.