Clean room

The expert service of bardusch takes over the entire logistics. Further to textile care with the special laundry and decontamination processes according to ISO-classification DIN EN 9001 and 14001 this service also includes the procurement and transport of clean room clothes

Our service 

Error sources have to be eliminated for sensitive clean room clothes. bardusch warrants this standard through gapless full rental services. 

Nine steps to absolute cleanliness

 1. Picking up

Used cleanroom clothing is directly picked up from the customer by bardusch and brought in a production location in Germany which is spacially separated.

 2. Lock in

Through locks the clothing is sent to the laundry.

 3. Checking

There is a cautious checking for damages, necessary repairs are made or the item is exchanged according to agreed upon cycles.


Validated decontamination procedure including fully hygeinic and disinfected washing procedure. The number of germs is reduced by at least 5 log levels. Dirt and dust particles are removed.

 5. Cleanroom locks

Through a loading function, the washed clothing goes from the machine directly to the cleanroom which is certified according to ISO 14644-1.

 6. Clean room

An online monitoring checks the parameters like number of particles in the room air, air pressure of the cleanroom and the quality of the used water. A flawless documentation and tracing is possible at all times.

 7. Packing

Then the textiles are packed in special PE bags or in autoclave bags. The bardusch cleanroom packing ensures that also during transport neither particles nor germs reach the contents.

 8. Sterilisation in the autoclave

The sterilisation occurs in an autoclave which corresponds with the demands according to DIN EN 17665-1 and DIN EN 285.

 9. Delivery

The already processed textiles will be packed according to the agreed upon conditions in the corresponing transport containers and as timely defined delivered to the customers..  

Clean room clothes

In clean rooms, not even the smallest particles must be released through the clothing. This we realize by special particle-free clothing made of very tight materials. 

Clean room clothes prevent the release of particles and germs from human bodies into the ambient air and to the endangered products. bardusch offers clothing for clean rooms of classes 5-8 according to DIN ISO 14644-1. Regardless of the different application ranges, the clothing concepts combine technical characteristics such as particle retaining capacity, steam permeability, resilience against abrasion and comfort of wear. Clean room clothes from bardusch include overalls, galoshes, hoods, mouth covers, coats, underwear, gloves and socks.

Validation and revalidation of processes and machines

Only few experts are able to clean highly sensitive clean room clothes properly. In cooperation with acknowledged neutral institutes we continuously optimize our processes and warrant constant safety and hygiene. 

We design our processes as transparently as possible and we document them without gaps. All relevant transactions are up to the GMP-Standard. bardusch processes clean room clothes according to the standards from ISO EN 14644 -1 in the classes of ISO 5/6. We proceed according to quality management principles and our certification ISO 9001: 2008. Clean room clothes are processed in wash-and-tumble machines with a special laundry procedure. The efficiency is controlled by a leading hygiene institute. Detergents are also subject to periodic controls. For the washing process we use only specially refined and continuously monitored water. Cleaning takes places in rooms annually requalified according to the norms of ISO class 5/6. A monitoring process continuously supervises the room conditions (pressure, particle size, particle count). Sterilisation takes place in annually validated vapour sterilisers. These conform to the EN norms according to DIN EN 17665 -1 and according to DIN EN 285. The protocols are supplied to the clients. Indicators on the packaging additionally document the success of correct autoclaving. Continuous vermin control, periodic trainings and continuous microbiological analyses are part of our standard. 


FAQs clean room 

Which are the benefits of the rental system? 

As in other business fields, the service range for clean room services covers all stages: from procurement through special washing and decontamination processes to safe transport. Consequent compliance and review of current certification and quality criteria is also warranted. You are discharged of all the work and you can concentrate fully on your core competences. 

Where are our saving potentials? 

The rental services help you reduce fixed costs, make costs transparent, and increase planning safety. The savings cover warehousing and material costs, material logistics, and maintenance of the textiles.

Do you cooperate with certain confectioners?

We are independent of certain manufacturers. Therefore you can be sure we will always recommend the best clean room products. 

Can I change without problems from my previous service provider to bardusch clean room services? Or could there be gaps in the supply chain? 

Our many years of experience and the close contact between our expert teams and our clients permit smooth and trouble free changes. Qualified technical consultants manage each account personally, supporting our clients with advice and action. 

Which role do environmental aspects play? 

bardusch was the first German service provider to take up environmental management after the adoption of the EC-directive 1836/93 and was certified according to EMAS III (eco audit regulations) for environment and quality.

The basic services, supply with multi-way textiles and qualified upkeep and care are environmental protection in practice. The textiles are delivered, laundered, and when worn out they will be replaced. bardusch always takes care of optimum application of resources. For this purpose bardusch develops and selects products that can be used in the cycle as long as possible, and after use can be re-used or discharged with the least impact on the environment. All bardusch products will be integrated into a functional cycle with the very first use.

Sparing use of water 

bardusch is committed to using the commodity water consciously and sparingly, and to continuously reduce water consumption and water pollution. Our operations use the latest laundry processes.

Let us create your personal washing concept!

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