Operating as a family enterprise

We once started as a regional laundry shop. Today we are a Global Player: with reliable quality and the highest commitment. These factors secured bardusch its rank among the leading rental textile service providers.

Today we provide more than one million people all over the world with professional and protective clothing. We organize the full laundry service for hundreds of hotels, hospitals and nursing homes. Every day we manage more than 420 tons of laundry. This corresponds to approximately washing machine loads.

Regardless of this impressing volume, bardusch still defines its operations as a family enterprise. We are open towards our customers’ requests and always aim at finding the best possible solution.

Our work is founded on our professional textile and hygiene management. This is realized by 4,000 employees in many subsidiaries

in Germany, France, Poland, Spain, Hungary, Slovakia and Switzerland.

In Germany alone we supply our customers from more than 20 locations. Across the nation, fast and in time. Whether our customers are bakeries, catering providers, small shops or hospitals – they find our customized service right where they need it.